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August 26th, 2015

Got the surgery date

I met with Alex, the surgeon. She was nice, thorough, helpful. They are going to pull out all the plumbing. There are a lot of factors, including my age, the fact that I've been on hormones for so long, the fact that the main cyst has acted the way it has, etc etc etc.

I have a surgery date: 25 Sept (Fri in the afternoon), unless I am bumped due to an emergency. I'll be in the hospital for 4 to 6 days depending; she said some patients do go home on the Monday but more likely the Tues or Wed. Then I'll be down for 6 weeks recovery. She said based on my age that is more likely to be the immediate recovery time, though I will still be recovering from some of the deeper muscular stitches as far out as 3 months.

The date isn't a great one for work, Sept is our busiest time & end of month most so. Unfortunately, Alex doesn't have any other dates this year. We can't leave it any longer. She looked over the history of the main cyst & in 2 years it has not only almost doubled in size (4.83cm/just over 1 1/2") to 6.9cm (2 3/4") but has doubled in volume (I don't remember the volumetric measurements). I'm starting to feel more crampy pain, had more spotting last week so I suspect it's changing and growing. While the cysts are benign, they can rupture, twist or cause other problems. Waiting until some time next year isn't a good idea. Not to mention if we try to put it off because of "inconvenience" then I could loose the surgery as the government has a tight timeline on when things have to be done when you're referred through public.

I am thinking of the bits and pieces to get together between now and then. The first thing of course will be getting over this darned flu & trying to avoid anything until then. We've already started thinking about meals so I'll take stock of what is in the freezer (both finished meals and ones we could throw in the slow cooker). Now to think about what jobs we might need a hand with around the house, what can wait.

So there we go. It will be good to finally get this sorted and have one less problem to worry about, one less problem to go get scanned each year.

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