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On a short holiday

Home internet has been up & down. Not sure if it is our gear, our phone lines or the external lines. We are on a short holiday but haven't really had internet access (I couldn't figure out how to connect & use the password coupons). I haven't done more than a quick peek at Facebook, let alone my emails or DW or LJ.

We are staying at an amazing place called The Church in Hahei on the Coromandel Penninsula. Hahei is about 3 hours' drive outside Auckland & in a rugged, less populated area (Coromandel can be more populated) unless it's summer in which everyone flocks here. We are in the "shoulder" season of autumn so it is quieter than usual but not completely closed down for the winter yet. There are a few coastal areas around, really nice & rugged & a lot of surfers out catching waves.

Weather has been up & down, a lot of clouds, occasional rain & a bit of sun. I am on a borrowed internet & don't like to advertise that I am away from home on Facebook so going to post some photos here for people to enjoy. These are of The Church. The people here are amazingly welcoming & accommodating. The small cottage we are staying in for 2 nights is immaculate. There isn't any dust, no dead bugs, everything is very clean & tidy. It is much nicer than the place we stayed in Stratford (as far as cleanliness & value for money). I wanted to get C out somewhere nice on a short, close trip so she can enjoy getting away from home & out into somewhere different before winter closes in. We had some nice weather until recently & I figured even if it rained a lot it would still be better than being at home.

Us at The Church, Corro Penn V2 22 4 15 K55160

unit 5, The Church 22 4 15 K55165

Top window at The Church 22 4 15 K55141

window & recycled roof beam, unit 5 The Church 22 4 15 K55168

Front window with stained glass The Church 22 4 15 K55142

Front Window & View, Unit 5 The Church 22 4 15 K55167

Front door of Unit 5, The Church 22 4 15 K55143

Bathroom, unit 5, The Church 22 4 15 K55144

The pieces inside are mostly recycled and/or antique. It makes for neat little touches, along with the recycled roof beams & wood floor (the roof beam in our room looks like it came from the old church, there were matching beams in the converted church restaurant last night.

There are 2 of these side dresser thingies next to the beds. Here is the one I am using
side dresser at The Church 23 4 15K55293

See, and check out the inside (the top shelf has my brown leather writing satchel, haven't done a ton of writing as we've been sight-seeing & I've been going through some of my photos but did get a couple post cards written)
side dresser open at The Church 23 4 15 K55292

The lock is an old-fashioned church key type thing. Here is the lock for the door.
lock at Unit 5, The Church 22 4 15 K55166

And check out this little thing in the bath. It's a little seat, with shelves & a drawer.
Bath seat at The Church - 22 4 15 - 550 K55140

I'm off for now. We leave tomorrow morning & if the weather is decent we might take a water taxi to Cathedral Cove, otherwise we'll just wander straight back home. I hope you are all well.

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