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Few more photos of the trip

I have been trying to keep my photo-taking to a reasonable amount, preferably a minimum to get the shot I want or 2 and that is it, thinking about each shot and scene and trying to make sure it is as perfect as I can get it before taking it.

That however seems to be tossed out the proverbial window when birds or wind-driven waves are involved as I found out yesterday & today. There are now a ton of photos to get through (added in with the photos from the trip in Jan to New Plymouth I haven't completely gotten through either...Don't think I finished the picts from our Calif trip a few years ago either....).

I had worked on a few photos yesterday & day before so here are some I did get through. I thought you would all enjoy them.

Here are a couple bird photos. The first has 2 birds in it: a rare-ish NZ dotterel (small & they blend in!!) & a gull. The 2nd has a couple varigated oyster catchers.
dotterell & gull Hot Water Beach 23 4 15 K55175 cr

pair of black oyster catchers1 Hot Water Beach 23 4 15 K55172 cr

This is some toetoe, or pampas grass. I have some close-up shots of the fluff that I haven't gone through yet.
Toetoe and island, Cathedral Cove 23 4 15 K55277  550

More under the cut.

Some different shots of different beaches over the last couple days. The weather has been changeable so I could stand on a beach & shoot to the left & get grey clouds & then shoot to the right & get blueish skies & a bit of sun. It would be grey & windy for one part of the day & then get a little sun and lighter breezes for a couple hours.

This is Cooks beach:
Dramatic Cooks Beach best, Coromandel Penn 22 4 15 K55149

Cooks Beach view, Corro Penn 22 4 15 K55156

Cooks Beach dramatic vert, Coromandel Penn 22 4 15 K55151

Cooks Beach and grass, Hahei 22 4 15 K55146

These were some cool little tracks in the sand from some waves or seaweed. They weren't very big.
Sandy tracks2, Cooks Beach Corro Penn 22 4 15 K55154

The place we stayed had a sweet young cat who would sometimes come visit our little cottage. I was sitting outside yesterday drinking some tea & hanging out for a little while & she came and hung out with me.
cat from The Church 23 4 15 - 550

me with cat from The Church 23 4 15 - 500

And today before we left we had breakfast at a place called Hot Waves Cafe at Hot Water Beach (called because there are thermal springs under part of the beach and at low tide you can dig yourself a little hot pool in the sand & the hot water wells up). There was a cafe-cat called Chai who visited with us, then curled up on my lap while I drank my coffee & ate my breakfast. She was a sweety, tried to be very insistant about getting up on the table to investigate my latte but I have 4 cats so know how to discourage one from food!
Me with Chai3, cat from Hot Waves cafe at Hot Water Beach 24 4 15 - 550

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