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I did a bunch of housework today, despite having been off work the last 2 days sick. It is Sat so I have today & tomorrow off anyway. I have been wanting to get some serious cleaning done but keep procrastinating & parking my behind on the couch in front of Facebook or some other piece of the internet. To be fair, I have spent a lot of time reading info about the Nepalese earthquake that happened on 25/4. I have also spent way too much time pissing around as usual.

I am proud of what I did today. I washed our (5) windows inside & out, cleaned the windowsills on 3 of them (I did 2 yesterday). I vacuumed, including some deep-vacuuming in some areas. I pulled the little blinds off the bathroom window & washed it. I put the laundry away too. I also pulled down all 4 net curtains & put them in the washing machine, then re-hung them.

I also watered/fed our orchids, pulled them all out of their usual places & gave them a quick inspection. I picked up a scale infestation in 1 orchid. WTF?? Yes, they sit by an open window but none of them are outside plants. Fortunately I found it before the infestation set in too bad or spread to the other plants. I have tried to smoosh & rinse the little buggers off & have isolated the plant in the house away from the others. Fortunately I seem to have caught it before it spread to the 8 or 9 different orchids up on the windowsill.

I did pull one of our orchids off the sill to check & to photo the flowers. This is a plant we have had for somewhere between 6 & 8 years. Here are the photos of the Zygopetalum Titanic 'Susan' x Titanic Bayswater. While many orchids don't have a fragrance, these do have a nice strong fragrance. They take several years to flower. We have 4 other zygopetalum type orchids, 1 we got around the time of this one but it was tiny so it hasn't flowered yet but is putting out a ton of new growth right now, the other 3 we got last year at the orchid show & they are pretty young so it may be a year or 2 more at least before they flower (but they are also putting out a lot of new growth).

Zygopet Titanic 'Susan'xT Bayswater flower1 5 2015 K55391 cr550

Zygopet Titanic 'Susan'xT Bayswater flower2 5 2015 K55393 550

The last of my masdevallias is almost officially dead. The last leaf is almost gone :( I wish I could have kept these but just not good for our hot, humid climate in Auckland. Oh well, a dream for if/when I win the lotto.

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