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I have a kind-of Western style shirt I picked up at an upmarket 'recycling' store a couple years ago. I really like it & have been wanting to get something similar, but you don't really get that kind of thing here. And if you do find it then it's at a dedicated Western tack store & costs about $100-$150 for a simple non-print Wrangler. I also have a couple plain short sleeve shirts by Wrangler that I really like. I wanted some more Western style, partly for casual Fridays, maybe some I can even wear at work, and to wear to friends' houses for dinners or out to Crafworld when we take stuff up there because I like to look nice when we do.

I tried to get onto Wranger's site but they don't take non-US Paypal & won't allow for non-US accounts (for shipping or credit card billing), so I did the next best thing & went to Ebay! I found a bunch of Western style shirts by a lot of different companies. I spent a lot more than I really wanted to (just over $300NZ or about $230 US but that includes shipping, which was more than most of the prices I paid for the shirts themselves!). I got really good deals despite the inflated shipping I paid overall, still paid less than I would have if I got them from Wrangler themselves or their Amazon shop (which didn't really have anything I liked). I also donated $1.00 each for most of the purchases to Ebay's collection for the Nepal earthquake. It is a cause dear to my heart & I saw it as a kind of "consumer tax".

I only paid for them last week but 1 of the shirts has already made it here today & looks really good! It looks brand new, even though it was listed as pre-owned & used. This is it, I paid about $30US for it + about $16US for shipping (this is the one of the cheapest shipping amounts I paid):
Panhandle black with SWest Indian

Here are the others.

I really liked this one, but think it is going to be a 'casual Friday' possibly, most likely for at home wearing mostly. I think I paid 28US for it, + $26 (US I think) for shipping.
Wrangler Aztec rainbow rodeo shirt

This is one of the ones I got for work. I have actually been wanting something like this for awhile, definitely since I saw some people in my favorite cafe wearing something similar. I like the colour & style. I paid about $16US for it, plus about $14US for shipping
Wrangler green & white striped short sleeve

This is one I think I can wear to work. It was actually a 'consolation shift' because I had lost one I wanted so I went looking for a replacement. It was about $15US but shipping is about $28US. I am glad I got it though, I do need more short sleeve shirts that are nice.
Wrangler white with blue Aztec short sleeve

I thought this was pretty cool. It's a paisley style with Western-style pearl buttons. It is actually the cheapest shirt I got (not including shipping). It was about $12US with shipping around $30US. I am pretty sure I can wear it to work & I like how it's kind of fashionable. I don't usually have much of a fashion sense so I like it.
Earl Jean Paisley W style

This was my most expensive shirt. It isn't really "Western" even though it was titled as a "Native American Aztec Kaftan" shirt. It looks like a typical Indian shirt (ie---the continent India, not Native American) & I have been looking for something like it for a couple years. I have something similar in white but it doesn't really fit me any more. I can get semi-similar stuff here but it isn't actually the same so I splurged & got it. It cost about $56US (it is used) & the shipping is another $24US. But like I said, I have been looking for something like it for awhile.
'Nat Am Aztec' geometric Kaftan

I can't wait for my new wardrobe to get here. I ordered XL's on all of them because while I am sometimes I L in somethings, sometimes the L is a bit snug around my belly (and sometimes my chest which isn't good because then my binder is obvious & makes me feel really down, which is partly why I'm getting some new shirts).

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