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There is something so vibrant & life-affirming about home made bread dough. There really isn't anything quite like it. I have some dough I just popped into the fridge from my old stand-by Artisan Bread in Five Minutes A Day. This is the one cookbook in our house that gets regular use. The next most-used would be my Homes & Gardens Cookbook I asked Mom for Christmas several years ago. The next one after that would be my Ben & Jerry's ice cream book ;)

Bread dough really is something amazing though. It is magic. It is life-affirming. You mix a bunch of what seem to be inert ingredients together & if you have everything in the right proportions you have this mass of dough that has grown beyond the bits you put into it. While the bread I make is a non-knead recipe, it still benefits from a quick, couple moments' knead when you are getting ready to shape it and bake it. That is enough to get your fingers into the living dough, enough to feel it and connect with it.

I find the Artisan Bread in Five method to be easier than traditional bread recipes, and even easier than using a bread maker. I had more flops in my bread maker than I have had in using Artisan Bread in Five recipes. I can also experiment more with the Artisan Bread in Five recipes. Tonight I've thrown in some buckwheat flour and steak juices into a recipe they had for rye bread. I don't have rye at the moment so wanted to give this a try. Despite my experimentation with chucking in some dried potato flakes, using the buckwheat flour (which has a different consistancy to regular wheat flour because it isn't made from wheat), the steak juices and a splash of lemon flavored oil it has risen & looks like it has a nice consistency. I have it resting in the fridge and will give it a try tomorrow night when I shape up some little rolls.

I had more to type but my computer is really lagging & I can type out a sentence before it catches up. Too frustrating. I'll leave this here for now.

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