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Food Picts

I made herb rolls tonight out of the dough I made last night. They turned out as tasty as I thought they would. I shaped them up as soon as I got home tonight, brushed them with some cornflour water, sprinkled some garlic salt & dried mixed herbs on them & baked them up. You are supposed to let them rise for about 20 minutes but I figured that would put dinner about 40 to 50 minutes away after the pre-bake rise & the actual bake. I only let them rise long enough for the oven to heat.

See, wouldn't you like to take a bite out of one of these???
home made rolls 22 6 15 K55508 550

The biggest difference between using the Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes recipes & traditional bread recipes is that you have more a 'fermented' kind of taste and less a 'fresh yeast' kind of taste. The smell of fresh-baked bread isn't as pervasive as it would normally be with traditional recipes. This is more of a sour dough kind of recipe. I still like this recipe for ease of making & like the taste.

About a week to 2 ago I used their brioche dough recipe to make doughnuts. The brioche dough is just as easy to make, it has egg & honey in it as well as the usual yeast-flour-water-salt for the other recipes. This is the dough I use to make my cinnamon rolls. I was inspired by a post the authors put up for "National Doughnut Day" and did my own take on it. I made S'Mores doughnuts. They made them but put the marshmallow outside the doughnut. I wrapped the dough around the marshmallow, deep fried the doughnuts (as you do), then dipped the top in a chocolate doughnut glaze and rolled the chocolate tops into crushed graham cracker crumbs. They turned out really tasty!! I have a few still in the freezer. Here are a couple of picts :)

The fried dough with the marshmallows inside:
cooked marshmallow doughnut holes for Smores doughnuts 6 2015 K55501 500

And the finished pieces:
Smores Doughnuts 6 2015 K55502 500

So there you go, some food :{)

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