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I had my consult at the surgical unit of the hospital yesterday. I don't think I saw the actual gyne doctor, but think she was the nurse or something. So basically here is what I know so far....

I have been referred on a non-urgent basis for keyhole surgery to remove my ovaries at this point. The biggest cyst (6.9cm, 2 1/2") is the one that has the docs concerned, the fact that it has been growing when really they should be shrinking or at the very least staying the same size, as well as the fact that it is chambered (only 1 chambered but still...). I had some tests yesterday & took a blood test today so the results of those, as well as any complications at the time of surgery could mean a change to more invasive surgery but at this point there don't seem to be any indications that will be the case. The blood test included, among other things, a test for tumor markers to make sure the cysts aren't cancerous. I had one a couple years ago and it was clear but they want to run the tests with the preparation for surgery. If they do find tumor markers then they would refer me to gyne-oncology & surgery possibilities would change, probably more invasive and probably a "full plumbing removal".

For those of you who aren't familiar with the NZ public system, basically I've gone the "public healthcare" route on this for a few different reasons (not the least is trying to explain to my insurance that this isn't actually a sex change surgery would be too much of a headache). This means I have a computer-generated 'score' which is supposed to assess my urgency for treatment & then put me in the wait list queue. It means I could have surgery sometime within the next 4 months. If it runs as expected and they can do the keyhole, I would only be in the hospital for a night & then recovery for 1 to 2 weeks. If it does happen that I have to go for more invasive surgery then I would have a 4-6 week recovery, not sure how long in the hospital. (PS - my BP as 183/84, a bit higher than usual but I was stressed over the appointment; heart rate was about 99 I think, again stress; and weight was 88.2kg/194.44lb fully clothed & shoes on)

I did tell them they could put me down for the "short notice" option, which means if they get a sudden cancellation I could be called to slot in. I don't know how short that notice is but hey, if it gets things taken care of sooner than later I am all for it.

Time will tell. I'll keep you updated in this as I go through the journey.

PS--I have posted this as friends-only on my Live Journal & Dreamwidth, but am going to edit the DW entry to public so I can refer some close friends & family here instead of trying to message the whole thing to people on Facebook. As always, anything posted here is still considered private (as private as possible on electronic airwaves) so please don't post comments or details on Facebook or outside this space. I haven't told everyone I am acquainted with that I am a FTM and while I don't mind most people knowing I don't feel the need to advertise it.

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Jul. 8th, 2015 09:40 am (UTC)
Thank you! And at least I know there is an end. I didn't realise some of the things I was feeling (crampy-pain, tiredness, constantly peeing) are probably related to my larger cyst. And if nothing else, it is one small step towards transition, one less thing to worry about.
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