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"Mini" post - South Island Trip Photos!

Here are a bunch of photos from our South Island trip last month around Queenstown and our trip to Milford Sound. We also had a day trip driving to Glenorchy. I'm going to drop a bunch of the photos here without much info just so I can get it posted along with a few other things before I feel too sick again. I'll put most under the cut. I have to say that the star ones are something I've been wanting to try a long time and am glad I got the chance to do it.

Weka (native bird):
Weka - Milford Sound2 21 7 15 K55637

Weka - Milford Sound 21 7 15 K55635

Keas: (native Alpine parrots):

keas grooming night2 at Milford Sound Lodge 21 7 15 K55693

kea from Milford Sound Lodge2 22 7 15 K55732

Misc rest of picts (about 18 more)...

Remarkables Sunrise2 23 7 15 K55794

Snowy Remarkables BW 20 7 15 K55617

Snowy Mountains & Stars from Milford Sound3 22 7 15 K55715

Snowy Mountains & Stars from Milford Sound Lodge 22 7 15 K55714

Road to Glenorchy along Lake Wakatipu 23 7 15 K55798

Snowy Mountains Lake Wakatipu from road to Glenorchy 23 7 15 K55795

(You can see why the Lord of the Rings movies were filmed in this area)
Snowy Mountains Lake Wakatipu from Glenorchy2 23 7 15 K55796

Snowy Mountains Lake Wakatipu from Glenorchy2 23 7 15 K55796

This is Milford Sound where we stayed the night:
Frosty Milford Sound3 23 7 15 K55746

Deepwater Basin reflections Milford Sound - H4 22 7 15 K55766

Avenue of the Disappearing Mountains at Eglington River 21 7 15 K55624

Sunny Dramatic Milford Sound1 21 7 15 K55646

Road to Milford Sound:
Snowy mountains & road from 5 Rivers to Te Anau 21 7 15 K55620

This is what we saw outside our room in Milford Sound, along with the Keas above:
Mountain, stunted forest & river from Milford Sound Lodge 21 7 15 K55672

Another pict of the view. Check out the hugely long waterfalls & the trees at the base of the mountain for some sense of scale!
Mountain, long waterfall & stunted forest from Milford Sound Lodge 21 7 15 K55675 - 650

And just some small mushrooms to close it out:
Little Orange Mushrooms - Henry Creek near Lake Te Anau 22 7 15 K55779

I have about another 35 to get through & process, mostly of the road to and area around Glenorchy.

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