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Movin Through Life - Alex

7 February 1970
Check out my archery community over at Dreamwidth, it's a quiet comm for anyone interested in archery (no, you don't have to shoot to join & you don't have to be a member of Dreamwidth to read or comment using Open Id): Arrow_rest

I've got up a gardening journal on Dreamwidth. I want somewhere I can keep info about my plants from year to year, as well as try to put gardening info out for people who are interested. Again, you don't have to be a member of Dreamwidth to join the conversation or read the public entries! Pinepigs_garden

I've also set up a journal for my photography & tips and to have a place to post about my books, Cafepress sales, contests and to ask friends' opinions on stuff as well as to post (under friends lock) special sales and friends-only deals. Pinepig at Dreamwidth is here or I currently have an LJ version: pinepig

And of course I'm also on Myspace: Redvulture24

I am a man of many interests and few talents. I live in New Zealand with my wife, who I met online in 1999, and our 4 cats and numerous fish. We had our wedding in Oct 2006 in the picturesque Rotorua redwoods. I have a lot of different interests and a varied background. I worked awhile as a park ranger and consider that the highlight of my life so far, after marrying my wife. Most of my personal entries are friends-locked.

I am eclectic, liberal, opinionated. I am interested in archery, the enviroment, Dead Things, clever and creative taxidermists, long walks in nature or a cemetary and gardening. I love my coffee and tea, enjoy cooking and baking and bar b queing. I'm a fan of Cat Grey's Unfortunate Animals.

My partner and I share our love of photography. If you want to see something of California, Nepal or New Zealand you can check out:
My photography at Pinepig24 Webshots.

Browse my Cafe Press for products featuring my New Zealand photography. You can find items like these:


at my shop, Pinepig Studio. I have mugs, cards, magnets, tiles, boxes & other gift ideas for yourself or someone else. My subjects go from animals to plants and flowers to New Zealand landscape to antiques.
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Check out my Blurb books featuring my New Zealand landscape photography. They are on full preview so you can check them out!

My partner also has Calif and NZ albums on webshots: Snappa1 Webshots
and her Cafepress shop is Spiritsdance

In light of recent odd friendings by all-Russian language journals at LJ I ask that you contact me before or immediately after friending me. You can leave a message introducing yourself in any of my public posts. You might have found me through one of the comms I belong to. That's fine, but please do me the courtesy of saying hello. I *will not* automatically friend back as most of my personal entries are friends-locked and I won't open them to just any stranger off the board. I am also fiercely protective of my friends and won't open their comments to my f-locked entries to strangers either.

Fly Guy is pretty cool:

adopt your own virtual pet!

Feed them flies. They like their flies-es!